Jitz Journal (Expert Red)


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Jitz Journal will not only help you organize what you learn but will help you learn faster. The physical act of writing creates a mind/body connection that speeds learning. Writing it down in your journal will:

Create a moment of quiet meditation as you review each class
Organize your thoughts
Identify key elements and steps of each move/position
Build your library of moves
Identify questions you can ask your teacher or classmates

Jiu-Jitsu is a system of moves that work together to accomplish a goal. The Jitz Journal is a system for organizing your learning.

Keep it with you; in your gym bag, back pack, in your hand.
Take it to every class, private lesson, seminar, tournament.
Write in it after every class, private lesson, seminar, tournament
Use it to track your online studying/videos
Make notes at the bottom about specific thoughts after each lesson
Review often and identify questions and areas for learning