Personal Trainer Acie Nobles

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Acie’s Experience:

  • NASM certifications specialized in Personal Training and Muscle Imbalances/Corrective Exercise Systems
  • Level 1 Crossfit Certcification
  • Level 1 USA Olympic Weight Lifting Certification
  • Fitness Nutrition Certification
  • Crossfit Mobility Certification
  • For the last 4 years in conjunction with my personal training business, I’ve coached Crossfit at one of the largest boxes in Houston.
“Acie is a wonderful trainer! He is super knowledgeable and completely in tune with his clients. He put me at ease within one session. I have really high standards for trainers and he exceeded all of them. As a marathon runner, I need someone who understands my goals and can help me get stronger and faster. Acie is that type of trainer. He keeps up with the latest research and is always trying new things to make his clients better.”
– Michelle”Acie is a GREAT trainer! He keeps me motivated and constantly changes my work out so that I don’t plateau and I don’t get bored. I thought I’d only be with Acie 1 month, but I’ve loved the results so much I just signed up for my 4th!”
– Sam (read more testimonials))

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Ace Platinum Fitness

Acie Nobles

No two workouts ever look the same, because of the constant variation and muscle confusion that my high intensity workouts deliver. I individualize the training to every client inclusive of dedicating attention to muscle imbalances that occur from everyday life routines. This dramatically increases their optimal performance and results. My personal belief is that ANYONE – regardless of lifestyle, profession, background, or busyness, should be able to achieve their fitness goals if they are intentful and dedicated to the process.
Would love to hear how I can help you exceed your fitness goals.

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Acie teaches all his classes at using the state of the art facilities at the CORE Houston. Located just inside the loop, The CORE Houston is one of the largest personal training and wellness facilities in the country! The CORE Houston was designed to be a personal training gym first and foremost and hosts the most experienced and cutting edge personal trainers in the Houston area.